Nailing what we do:

We do property management services on the whole, taking acute care in every vertical that requires attention.

As we understand, that NRI and other Indians find it really difficult to manage their assets, we are lending a helping hand to do the same with cutting edge technologies.

We would assist in Land and property management, plot maintenance, buying and selling counselling, important approvals with documentation, legal advising, industrial land services, construction updates and a lot more services.

For now, we have pitched in at South India and looking forward to serve pan India pretty soon.

Who are we?

We are a team of professionals excelled enough in various prospects, who quench our thirst with technology-driven solution. Our passion and interest in exploration and learning, lead one to the other, settling with a lightening thought to assist the Fellowship of properties. Yes, our initiative is to blend our core strength "technology" with property services, to professionally serve the purpose of taking enough care on the lands and plots each one of you own.

Teaming together to enrich Tamilnadu with property management and anticipating to extend the radius throughout.

“Food, clothing and shelter,” they say. Forget the latter, we do it!

We do concede that owning a pin drop on Earth is pretty vital. The absence of technology in here is quite a hindrance indeed. The shooting price of properties has widened the radius, which makes it difficult for the owner to know inherent details of the land or plot. If, in case, you are an NRI, depending on fellow relatives or friends, would burden you even more. To resolve these particulars, we enthusiasts planned to bungee jump and make it as simple as ABC.

What do we do?

We overhear your voice, so if you want to know details of the "difference" we do, read further! Surprises and fun with responsible work are our superior focus. Transparency is our promise; we are pitching in to reduce the time lag and get the job done quickly. We assured without us, to remain faithful to the grounding values such as quality, honesty, hard work and based on which, we would maintain the highest moral standards in this industry and provide solutions for the clients to achieve their goals encompassing properties.

How the founders grouped as one to pitch in?

The thought process to form such a technology driven solution, gained limelight when there were queries from folks living away from India for a trustworthy company to take care of everything that falls under the “Property management” umbrella.

Tamil’s extensive knowledge and hands-on experience about land and property laid the basement to form Propertism. Lawrence, on the other hand, is yet another pioneer with information technology expertise, with numerous clients. However, Raju being a well-versed technology driven personnel coupled with his pervasive exploration as a co-founder of Quadruple Group of Companies, helped to take this to the next level. Kirubaker is the legal advisor, who has great knowledge with the property domain, who will play a key role to eliminate hassles.

A brief discussion over a cup of coffee, brought to the issues that an NRI would face, having their properties in India.

Tassels and hassles faced being an NRI if you have a property back here!

  • Trust is an issue, to handover the property to a well-known relative or family friend, itself, turns out to be a huge tassel
  • To fly often, to have a look at their place is a big deal
  • To buy or sell or invest or reinvest – the right to do any of it is still fogged
  • The radius keeps increasing exponentially, with the number of years they spend out, to employ the right tenant and further, manage to receive the rental payments on time is a headache indeed
  • Plot monitoring would be tough and for those who come back after years, would wonder where their plot is, with the improvements around
  • Fraudulent personnel and the disguise to loot the property
  • Property disputes when people get involved

With all this in mind, Propertism took steps to establish the trustworthiness and bring in transparency. The vision and mission are formalized to pitch in with domain knowledge coupled with technology to ditch fraudulent.