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Time consuming, but rewarding in the long run, says Sanchit Gaurav



When Bengaluru-based Preeti Kashyap approached Housejoy’s realty wing during her search for a house, she was particular she wanted a customised unit. “I wanted a home that met my family’s needs, and not something built and designed according to someone else’s choice.”


Kashyap is one among their many clients who prefer building a home from scratch rather than buying a flat in a complex or gated community. While the construction process is harder and time consuming, it’s rewarding in the long run.


Here is a list of important things to keep in mind when you decide to build your own home:



Take natural lighting into consideration when designing the windows

Think about the saleability of the property when you plan it

Plan for extra electrical outlets all over the house

Be actively involved in the entire process

Thorough investigation while selecting the builder or contractor



Be short-sighted about your family’s space and storage needs

Miss out anything from the written agreement

Put cost before quality. Good materials will stand the test of time

Ignore the advice of professionals

Rush into the building process


Documents needed


Land title, land clearance and zonal clearance (from the State Revenue Department)

Copy of the Building Plan Approval will be needed by many agencies like the land development office or electricity board, etc.

The floor plan can be taken from the architect and engineer

The local authority will provide a permission letter and commencement certificate

The local water supply and sewage board will have to be paid a certain fee and they will then inspect the premises before providing water and sanitary approval as well as sanctioning a new borewell for the house.

The electricity board will grant temporary electricity connection before metered connection is given after completion of the construction

After inspection, you will get an occupancy certificate by the authority


Building costs


The construction costs will depend on the location of the plot and the amenities nearby. That said, the current construction cost is anywhere between ₹1500 and ₹1700 per sq.ft. for building a budget home, ₹1800-₹2200 per sq.ft. for building a luxury home, and approximately ₹2600 per sq.ft. for a premium home.


When you decide to build instead of buying, pick the right team to help turn your dream home into a reality.



The writer is partner, construction and interiors, at Housejoy

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